Our Vision

We envision a global community equipped with educational (school), health care, agricultural and ecclesiastical facilities, empowering the children of God to accomplish His mission on earth.

Our Motto

“Where Empty Lives Are Filled To Overflowing” As Christian brothers and sisters dedicated to fulfilling Christ's Great Commission, we vow to light the world and fill empty lives with God's Eternal Word and Love; and to "Turn Life Around" to worth living, by rescuing the perishing souls, while caring for the needy.

Our Mission

Our mission is to reach out to our community and the world to preach the gospel of salvation to the unsaved; to touch and impact lives of the lost, the needy, the strayed, the injured, and the weak.


Our objective is to establish and operate churches, and missions within and outside of the United States of America. Propagate the Gospel of Jesus Christ wherever doors are opened. Preach, teach, and evangelize through Christian conduct and communal ethics. Establish, maintain, and promote mutual relationship among all Christians. Establish fellowship link with churches, para-church organizations, and other secular organizations in order to propagate good will. Establish and operate both Christian and secular institutions of learning, health, and agriculture.